Court 13 Arts' mission is to grow and sustain the cinema culture of New Orleans, Louisiana, and to celebrate radical art-making across disciplines.


By seeking out original voices and supporting artists in developing their craft, we envision a dynamic film community that spurs groundbreaking new works of art.


Court 13 Arts is a film and multi-disciplinary arts organization that emerged from the original film collective ‘Court 13’ and the artistic community behind the making of Benh Zeitlin’s Academy Award nominated film, Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a highly imaginative and collaborative film that positions art-making and experimentation as a critical element of the storytelling process. This approach sparks grassroots participation, resourcefulness, abundant support and a well-spring of creative energy from the New Orleans artistic community to remote areas of Louisiana. As a New Orleans resident, Zeitlin understands that storytelling, art and life are intimately entwined in this region where natural born talent is embedded in the cultural identity of the South. Additionally, through the filmmaking process, Zeitlin and the original film collective acknowledges a critical need to grow and sustain the cinema culture of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. (click to read more)


Authenticity: We value honesty, integrity and trust as central ingredients to building community, personal empowerment and being seen/heard in the world

We believe in the power of celebration as a uniting force

We value working with artists across disciplines and the liminal spaces that transform us

We value the courage it takes to break traditional boundaries and to create dynamic, daring new works of art

We value artistic practice as a time for exploration, experimentation and new perspectives

We value our individual and collective efforts to actively resist and subvert oppressive systems that perpetuate inequalities and access to opportunities

We value marginalized, underrepresented and unheard stories that inform our cultural understanding and strengthen our capacity for empathy

We value stories and creative expression as being integral to our deep connection to place, culture and spirit

Court 13 Arts does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender or religion. We nurture a respectful environment that is built on compassion, empathy and in celebration of our differences.