Court 13 began as a small crew of friends – filmmakers, artists, craftspeople, and builders – who were drawn to Louisiana. We had a goal to make a new kind of movie, one crafted from collaboration. The four-time Academy Award nominated film Beasts of the Southern Wild was the result of those labors. Beasts was successful because we met new people (a baker, musicians, fishermen, children) and together worked to create something beautiful. Court 13 Arts is our big effort to expand this process, to include ever more and different people. 

In 2015, we founded Court 13 Arts—a New Orleans-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization—to serve as an incubator for art and filmmaking rooted in unique collaborations, social inclusion, recycling materials, and education. In June of 2016, we purchased a headquarters to house all future activities. By providing shop and exhibition space, recycled materials and supportive capital, we will address the practical and creative needs of community-based art year-round.


Having a permanent headquarters is the cornerstone of realizing our mission and offering year-round support and workspaces. Our building, located at 2801 Franklin Avenue in New Orleans, will be accessible to the public and is situated such that it can be designed with neighborhood input and concerns in mind. The property includes nearly 12,000 square feet of indoor space and a 15,000-square-foot enclosed yard, and provides us the flexibility to move between hosting and supporting artists; building and fabricating for large-scale film projects; and providing space for events, film screenings, and our annual Always for Pleasure Festival.

Currently in the design phase, we envision the Court 13 Arts Headquarters as a place where connections form across disciplines, where dynamic venues showcase innovative art, artists work, projects develop, emerging talents gain access to opportunities and resources, and where people come together to experience the results. We will begin phased improvements and construction throughout the year, and will opening to the public for Always for Pleasure in November 2017.



Court 13 Arts is a New Orleans-based nonprofit arts engine whose mission is to support the creation of adventurous art that inspires the public.

We do this work because we believe people benefit from more parades, more music, more cinema, more communal celebrations, more opportunities to make things, and more artists coming together to pursue daring projects and beautiful dreams, and because we are uniquely situated to provide a platform of global reach for these outlets. We have and will continue to support community-based art and artists by:

  • Identifying artists and creatives through programming and providing the resources and opportunities needed to pursue ambitious work.
  • Fostering collaboration between artists—we have a track record of nourishing and inspiring unpredictable work that is generated from the collective energy of creative people — across disciplines — working together.
  • Providing space for artists to produce work and a space for artists to show work.
  • Building a communal workshop of raw materials recycled from past projects, found objects, and existing artistic creations—a Materials Library that will offer access to supplies and dramatically reduce waste
  • Developing dynamic and unconventional venues for folks like YOU to enjoy and experience art, music, film, festivals, performances, and more.
  • Creating a headquarters that is, in its own right, a work of art—not just a functioning workshop for artists, but also a creative landmark.