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Why Support Us?

There are several reasons why supporting Court 13 Arts is important to our artists, supporters and community. Our programs and initiatives involve the following:

  • Identifying artists and creatives through programming and providing the resources and opportunities needed to pursue ambitious work
  • Fostering collaboration Court 13 Arts has a track record of nourishing and inspiring unpredictable work that is generated from the collective energy of creative people working together across disciplines.
  • Providing space for artists to produce and show new work.
  • Building a communal workshop of raw materials recycled from past projects, found objects, and existing artistic creations—a Materials Library that will offer access to supplies and dramatically reduce waste.
  • Developing dynamic and unconventional venues for folks like YOU to enjoy and experience art, music, film, festivals, performances, and more.
  • Creating a headquarters that is, in its own right, a work of art—not just a functioning workshop for artists, but also a creative landmark.

Please consider supporting us so that can we can empower filmmakers and artists to be courageous and affect the world in real ways. It is through you that our organization makes a tangible difference and generates deep impact.

Inquiries about corporate or in-kind sponsorship, planned giving, legacy gifts or becoming a program supporter can be directed to

Please don’t forget to ask your place of employment if they have a matching gift program.

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